Endoscopic Cyclo Photocoagulation (ECP)

Endoscopic Cyclo Photocoagulation (ECP).
ECP involves using an exquisitely controlled laser to decrease fluid production in the eye (and therefore, eye pressures) by partially ablating the ciliary epithelium. This treatment lowers the pressure less than a trabeculectomy, but has a shorter operative time and recovery time. It is ideally suited to patients with mild to moderate glaucoma who wish to use fewer medications.

iStent, Trabeculectomy, Ex-Press Shunt and Ahmed Valve.
These surgeries involve the formation of a new route for fluid to leave the eye, thereby lowering eye pressure. They are indicated for those patients with more advanced glaucoma who are not controlled with medications.

Other Glaucoma laser procedures include:
Iridotomy and Laser Trabeculoplasty